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The Official trailer for The Paranormals, a crime-noir horror graphic novel available written by A. Diallo Jackson and illustrated by Russell Fox.

SYNOPSIS: When young woman with a troubled past, Jenni Mi Huen, is confronted with her destiny by overzealous demon hunter Andre Jai, she is set on a collision course with her fate, to save the world--even if it means saving the world from herself. Meanwhile when Mason Lynch, a self-destructive private investigator, tracks a serial killer through the streets of Edinburgh, Scotland, he comes face to face with the impossible. Demons, monsters, and mayhem. The world of The Paranormals.


Host Michelle Blanchard gives a hard hitting rundown on how The Hooks will bring your MMA game to the next level.

The Hooks talks to BJJ legend Eddie Bravo about the Rubber Guard, BJJ in MMA and his upcoming match with Royler Gracie at Metamoris 3 in Los Angeles.

The Hooks MMA Survival Guide

Join your favorite Sesame Street characters and friendly new monsters in a storybook adventure filled with discovery, learning and fun!

The makers of 'Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster' visit Amber Valdez at Yahoo! Games for some Muppet mayhem and furry fun.


What is unconditional love? Does it exist or is it just an ideal?

Inspired to explore these questions, we interviewed two single adults, a married couple and their children, and a single mom and her thirteen year old autistic son. They shared their thoughts, feelings and stories on what unconditional love means to them.


Amber chats with comic book legend Marv Wolfman and gets the scoop on his impact in the comic book industry.

TV personality Amber Valdez takes a trip to Titmouse Studios in Hollywood to check out one of the hottest, hippest, happenings of comic book heroes in town, Comic Book Sunday.


Amber Valdez interviews colorful costumed fans and anime aficionados at the 2011 Anime Expo in Los Angeles.

The ActionStudioWorks gang dropped by this year's Anime Expo 2011 to check out all of the wild cosplay, characters, and anime antics, and we had a blast.

Anime Expo 2011 - Amber Valdez and Crazy Cool Cosplay

Amber Valdez, braves the crowd of Alliance and Horde factions to get the inside scoop on WOW: Cataclysm, and also manages to get a peek into what might be coming up next for the Blizzard Crew.

ActionStudioWorks had a chance to go out and cover the midnight launch of World of Warcraft: Cataclysm. With over 1500 crazed fans, it was quite the night for some good-natured geek fueled fun.


Defend the town of Undeadwood from the attacking zombie hoards with your posse of colorful cowboy and cowgirl characters.

Armageddon Dreamweaver Creative provided voice work for the game's main character, as well as coordination and production of recordings.



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