World building and character creation is the “dreamweaver” part of the Armageddon Dreamweaver equation. We have created and guided a number of different entertainment properties intended as launching points for franchises, television pilots, web series, or graphic novels.  Servicing a range of genres and effective at matching a number of tones, your series idea becomes a reality with us.

Written by A. Diallo Jackson, this short film was produced for the 2014 Producers Guild "Make Your Mark" Weekend Shorts Challenge and was selected as one of the top 10 semi-finalists. The goal of the competition was to write, shoot, edit and deliver a 5 minute short in 51 hours.

Drawing on the spirit of late and renowned producer Saul Zaentz and the signature elements of his filmography, the short films for this phase of the 'Make Your Mark' competition were required to incorporate the following specifics: War Time Era · sheet music · stick of gum · ice · camera/photographs · passport.

"Song" (2014 Producers Guild "Short Film Competition Top 10 semi-finalist)

Written by A. Diallo Jackson, this short film was produced for the Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Challenge. This year's competition was in honor of late producer Laura Ziskin (Spider-Man 1-3,... Pretty Woman, Hero, As Good As It Gets).

The short films were required to have 'rom com' elements, worthy of the films of Laura Ziskin: a car setting, bouquet of flowers, necktie, credit card, spider, and a mismatched couple or Unlikely Hero.

"Nice Guys Finish..." (2013 Producers Guild Weekend Shorts Entry)

The Paranormals is an original concept graphic novel series from Armageddon Dreamweaver Creative. Conceived of and written as a television pilot, the comic book series is written by A. Diallo Jackson and illustrated by Russell Fox.


E.A.R.S. (Emergency Action Response Squads) is a thrilling family adventure about a secret organization hidden beneath the world’s most famous and magical theme park.

From the jungles of the Amazon to the highest peaks of the Himalayas and all the way into space, six children must unravel a set of cryptic clues over 50 years old as they race to save the planet.


Sherlock Holmes Mysteries is an iPhone/iPad game inspired by the 2010 film directed by Guy Richie and starring Robert Downey Jr. Armageddon Dreamweaver Creative provided the script, story, and secondary character creation elements for the game.

Sherlock Holmes Mysteries: The Case of the Innocent Man

Armageddon Dreamweaver Creative was hired to develop and build the universe in which the Slickforce line of characters live. Providing a "universe bible", we developed back stories, world history, and the rules of the Slickforce universe.

Slickforce Girl Universe


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